Matt Wyse is an upcoming visual designer with great ideas and a vision of how present the proper instrumentation at the right time for maximum musical effectiveness. Matt is extremely efficient and timely with his products from my experience with him.

Working with Matt has been a pleasure as he stays on top of things and truly tries to please his clients to the point of customizing the drill to fit your needs. Large bands or small bands alike will not be disappointed with Matt’s presentation. I would recommend Matt for your visual needs very highly.

Donny Allen
Brass Caption Head & Arranger
Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps 

Matt is passionate about students success. Over the past two marching season, he has taken every step imaginable to ensure that our band has had the tools for a successful season. He is knowledgeable about current trends in drill design and is able to compose a show that is custom fit for your ensemble’s strengths and needs. If you direct a competitive or show style band, you will not find anyone who is more dedicated to the success of your students and your program.

James Graham
Eastside High School
Director of Bands
Butler, Indiana

The Triton Band has been fortunate to have hired Matt Wyse as our drill writer for the 2012 season. My students have found that his drill writing skills are fantastic. Being a small band of 41 performers, Matt’s drill has given us the opportunity to feel good about what he has written for us. It moves well and is very easy to read. Matt is always checking up on our progress and spent time with us during band camp to help us create the best show we have had. I highly recommend Matt Wyse Drills for any size band. After teaching for 32 years I have finally found a great drill writer.

Pete Foster
Triton High School
Director of Bands
Bourbon, IN

For 9 years, I wrote all of our halftime shows by hand. I finally decided to contact a drill writer and I am so pleased with the experience. Matt was easy to work with and delivered a fantastic show for my students; had I known, I would have done it sooner! He wrote a show that was beyond my expectations and the students love it! The video of the show really helps the kids understand the show. I will definitely use Matt again next year and I am looking forward to building a collegial relationship with him.

Kate Mitchell
Pewaukee High School
Director of Bands
Pewaukee, WI 

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Wyse for the past 17 years. Eight years as a member of my middle school and high school bands and nine years as a member of my band staff. Matt currently serves in the position of assistant director and is in charge of the visual program for the Railroader Regiment.

Matt has been a huge addition to my staff. He has created a tradition of strong visual performances for my students. Matt has a way of making basics fun and it shows in the way my students present themselves and move on the field. Through Matt’s hard work and professional ethics, he has earned the respect of my students, parents, boosters, and administration.

I know that you will find Matt to be a huge addition to your marching program. You will find his enthusiasm and love for the activity to be contagious. I know that Matt pushes my students to be the best that they can be. They love him for all that he does for them.

Paul W Marlow
Director of Bands
Garrett High School

It is indeed pleasure to recommend Matt Wyse as a drill designer. His willingness to listen to my needs and adjust to my imput and suggestions was wonderful! He was very sensitive to my timeline and hit every deadline on or before the date needed. His designs were relative to my bands ability as I had described them to him. This attention to detail gave us the opportunity to have outstanding visual moments without being overwhelmed by something so difficult we couldn't concentrate on the musical portion of the program. He was able to create a look and sense of velocity without making the drill so challenging! You will be pleased with his product!

Pat Mason
Band Director
Cocke County High School
Newport, TN

Matt is a very creative drill writer that wrote an outstanding drill that my inexperienced group was able to follow. I was very satisfied with Matt's design and plan on using him to write drills for the next season.

Thomas Moore
Band Director
Normandy High School

I had the pleasure of working with Matt on the drill design for my show this year. His drill was innovative and it brought the music to life. He treats his clients with professionalism and shows that he cares about the director's needs."

Steven Stenzhorn
Director of Bands
Hazelwood East High School

I've enjoyed working with Matt this year on my halftime show! The drill he wrote for my band was perfect for my small band. It was simple, but enough of a challenge for my students to enjoy learning the show. I look forward to working with Matt next year on my halftime show!

Lisa Rhoades
Director of bands
Vian High School

Matt is an outstanding professional. He put together an amazing drill design for the 2009 Hoover High School Marching Band. He is innovative and has the ability to create unique and interesting designs that allow for the students to reach their utmost potential while keeping realistic goals in mind. Matt kept me involved with the enitire design process and we received our complete drill long before our first band camp. I would highly recommend Wyse Drill Designs to anyone looking for high quality drill at a competitive price.

Ron Varn
Director of Bands
Hoover High School
North Canton, Ohio

This being my first show, I was very excited to get custom drill. Though we are hundreds and hundreds of miles away, he was very flexible and responsive with all the drill. The work was what I was wanting. Easy enough, but challenging at the same time giving it a drum corp quality. I liked it, the students liked it, and the judges liked it. I recommend using Matt Wyse Drill Design if you want a great custom show.

Mr. Anthony Yi
Director of Bands
Arroyo Grande High School

Wyse Drill Designs creates visually stimulating drill. Matt's dedication to your custom written show will reflect in the quality of your band's performance. A gifted clinician, Matt connects with the students he teaches. I look forward to working with Wyse Drill Designs for many years to come.

Doug Brown
Director of Bands
William Campbell HS

Matt Wyse is one of the most talented and outstanding marching band drill designers I have had the pleasure of working with in my 15 years of teaching.  His overall vision for the success of a show is based off of his passion for the marching arts and many years of hands-on experience.  Mr. Wyse has written drill for various programs of all levels.  His drill is intricate, teachable, and visually stunning.  I give Mr. Wyse the highest of recommendations for anyone considering a championship caliber drill designer!

Damon Newell
Director of Bands
St. John's Catholic Parish Schools

I am proud to give Matt my full recommendation. He was extremely easy to work with as a teacher in a new district. Very reasonable prices and quality work done in a timely manner despite busy DCI and BOA seasons. It was a pleasure working with Matt and I fully intend on using him in the future.
JD Conney
Director of Bands
Mayville High School


I wanted to write to you to tell you how great your show you wrote for us worked. With this being only the 2nd year of the band marching and 3rd year of the music department existence, your drill worked BETTER than I expected.

It gave me the opportunity to work basics out during camp and then reinforce them when drill was being taught. It reinforced, spacial awareness, cover down and guide concepts as well as adjusted step sizes. I absolutely loved how quickly the students were able to clean the show based on the intervals you wrote. Not only did it make the band look bigger, but you made it so the forms would clean fast. Thanks so much for all your attention to the band not only with the re writes, but the clinic you did for our band in October.

Matt, I have had many a drill writer over the years, but I have never been happier with the results of a show as I have been with yours. The members of the band have shown great strides in accomplishing their goal of completing the show and adding all the “cool” visuals. This is due in part to your expertise in the area of drill design. Thank you again for your time and for allowing me to have input in the design of the show. As I said in our phone conversations over and over………..the drill looked awesome.

It is with great pleasure that I write you this letter of support. As the Director of Bands at Robert Morris University, I am pleased to say that we will have a long, long collaboration with each other.

Anyone that examines your work will see that you have been very successful in creating and maintaining a high level of excellence within the instrumental programs that you have been associated with. Your excellent work ethic and strong sense of commitment is surpassed only by your professionalism and sincere love for teaching.

I am very fortunate to call Matt Wyse a friend and colleague. He constantly displayed a strong commitment to excellence, and a love of music education and drill design in general that is unsurpassed. You will be hard-pressed find a more qualified, deserving or suitable drill designer.

Michael J. Madonia
Director of Bands
Robert Morris University

Matt is very easy to work with. He brings fresh ideas to each show and group he works with. He takes time to understand the band and show each year so that he can write drill that is customized to your band and takes into account its strengths and weaknesses. The result is a show that highlights the musical and visual strengths of the band.

Jeff Huber
Director of Bands
Manchester HIgh School

The drill written for our show was spectacular. Even with the limited knowledge of my program, Mr. Wyse was able to write drill that was appropriately challenging for my students, fun for them to learn and perform, and impressed judges. He is easy to work with and my students enjoyed his teaching when he worked with the group. With his drill, we qualified for state finals for the first time in six years. I am proud to use Mr. Wyse as our drill writer!

Mr. Douglas Olenik
Band Director
Ottawa-Glandorf High School

Working with Matt has been phenomenal! Our drill has always been creative, easy to communicate to both students and judges, and even better...on time! He makes us feel like a priority...tailoring our show to our specific needs, working my ideas into the show and very flexible when it comes to revisions. We consider him part of our band family!

Todd Caffee,
Director of Bands
New Haven High School

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